Advertise FAQ

Why should I advertise with SCMFG when your readership is around 10k a month? 

We understand where you are coming from! All the other magazines offer 100k impressions per month or more. But what are you really getting? We reach roughly 92% decision makers with 100% manufacturing demographic.  Who are you really reaching with those other guys?

Do you just serve SC?

Our content is geared to manufacturing and industry news and information within the state, however, we have several people outside of the state who actively engage and provide relative content or advertising. We see strong engagement from Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia as well as France, Germany, and India.

Your promotional pricing indicates all ad spaces are rotating. Is this true?

Yes and no. All ad spaces are setup to rotate 4 ads, but, if you don’t like to share, we can work something out!

I’m an aerospace supplier and only want to advertise to aerospace companies. Can I do that?

We have the ability so set your ad so that it only engages viewers of articles that are specific to aerospace (or any topic of your choosing).

I submitted an article and I want to have an ad associated with story. Can you do that?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! We can embed your companies ad in your content for $250.

Do I have to buy an ad to have content run?

We pride ourselves on providing quality content and being THE industry voice. We will ALWAYS accept quality, non-promotional and well written content. If you want to use sponsored content to promote a specific product or service, you will have to purchase an advertorial space.

What sizes are you ads?

Our sidebar ad is 336×280. Our leader board and banner ads are set at 728×90. It was recently brought to our attention that our coding may not be compatible with all size screens and some of our ads are re-sizing a tad smaller. We are currently working to correct this.

How many people will actually see my ad?

That depends. How many spots are you purchasing? If you purchase one spot in a rotating sidebar ad, you will be potentially sharing about 10k views. In a perfect world, that comes out to be 2500. If you purchase all 4 spots (yes, you get a discount if you do this) then you get to keep all views to yourself.

How do I find out whether I get better ROI with you or your competitor?

First, let’s take a look at “competitor”.  We feel strongly that we have no direct competitors. There are no other publications statewide that concentrate on 100% manufacturing. There are great business magazines out there and we love reading them but they don’t reach the same demographic.

Let’s do some math to help you figure out where your best opportunities lie.

Example 1

Mary owns a company that makes widgets for use in automotive assembly. A local business magazine tells Mary if she pays $1000, 10k people will see her image only ad and .04%  (Smart Insights) might click on it. Find Mary’s ROI.

Total cost per impression:
$1000/10,000 = $.10

Total click through:
10,000 x .04% (.0004) = <1 click

Mary is still unsure, so she does some research. Mary finds out only 48% of the 10k are decision makers and only 6% of the 10k are in manufacturing! Since less than half of the total impressions are decision makers, and assuming half of the 3% manufacturing demographic can be applied, her actual, targeted impressions are 144

Total actual cost per impression:
$1000/144 = $6.94

Total click through:
144 x .04% = <1 click

Mary’s $1000 investment MIGHT get her 1 potential sale.

Mary’s ROI is .04%


Let’s take a look at Mary’s ROI if she advertises in SCMFG.

Mary owns a company that makes widgets for use in automotive assembly. SCMFG tells Mary if she pays $500, up to 10k people will see her image only ad in her chosen ad place and .53%  might click on it. Find Mary’s ROI.

Total cost per impression:
$500/10,000 = $.05 (competitor- $.10)

Total click throughs:
10,000 x .53% = 53 clicks

Mary, quite the researcher, doesn’t want to run into the same issue as with our competitor and asks us some questions. Mary finds out 92% of the 10k are decision makers and 100% of the 10k are in manufacturing! Mary’s actual, targeted impressions are 9200!


Mary’s $500 (competitor-$1000) investment can potentially help her get 53 leads.

Mary decides to advertise with SCMFG.


Mary’s widget making process uses ground breaking technology that can drastically reduce overall lead time and cut costs for her new automotive manufacturing partner (because of her ad). If Mary wants to contribute content, how much will she pay and what will her ROI be?

Answer: Mary will pay nothing to contribute a non promotional, industry wide perspective on how disruptive technology can benefit automotive widget makers. Mary’s ROI is an additional 30k impressions and branding as a thought leader in the industry. Mary’s cost for this is $0.