Directory FAQ

Why do I have to log in to view the directory?

Why wouldn’t you want to? It get’s your company discounts on advertising and benefits like white papers and other resources!

How do I access the directory of my choice?

Great question! You can get to the directory by going to the home page and hovering over the “Directory” link in the menu bar. Choose either ‘Basic Directory’ or ‘Advanced Directory’. You can view ‘Advanced Directory’  as many times as you like online for a full year or you can purchase the ‘Platinum Directory’ and receive a downloadable Excel file that includes contact email, demographics, sales volume, company size and more!

Why is my subscription only good for a year?

We understand the frustration with having to re-subscribe to a service on an annual basis. Unfortunately maintaining and adding to such a comprehensive list like this is both time consuming and expensive. Many companies pay upward of $10,000 for a list like this. We’re offering it to you for $199 for the Advanced Directory or $499 for the Platinum Directory.

How will I know when  my year is up?

We’ll let you know! The great thing with technology is that we can automate just about everything!

If I purchase the Platinum Directory, when can I expect to receive it?

Okay, so not everything is automated. We make every effort to send it to you within 24-48 hours (please be considerate of weekends and holidays when waiting for your email). If you haven’t received it in that time frame, send us an email ( with a copy of your purchase receipt and we’ll send it right out to you with our deepest apologies!

Is the list up to date?

The directory is set-up so that companies can claim and update their listings as needed. For the companies that have not taken advantage of that feature, we update annually and integrate the two. We can not guarantee that people have not changed companies or positions, but we make every effort to stay on top of it. With 38,000 names on the list, we’re bound to miss one or two!

Just let us know if you run into a listing that is no longer active and we’ll update our master file.

Can I get a sample of the list?

Sure. Just shoot us an email and what your target industry is and we’ll send you a sneak peak!

Can I customize my list by industry or area?

Unfortunately, not at this point. Once you purchase the list, you have access to all 38,000 names.

I’m ready to purchase. What do I do now?

Great! We’re glad to have you join us! Just go back to the ‘Join Now‘ page and choose the product that best fits your needs.