Editorial FAQ

Thank you for choosing to contribute your thoughts, experiences and ideas to SCMFG! Please review our Editorial FAQ prior to submitting content.

What type of content are you looking for?

SCMFG is THE industry voice for manufacturing in South Carolina. Manufacturing encompasses a myriad of industries. Some of these include Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Logistics, Supply Chain, Machining, Tooling, Packaging, and Industrial Construction. Let’s not forget there are several businesses that support manufacturing. Attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, business consultants, sales consultants and marketers all support industry operations.

Essentially, if you feel your expertise benefits manufacturing or operations in some form, then we are interested in what you have to say!

Research has shown that some hot topics in the state include international trade, tax credits, workforce and skills gap, and expansion.

Is there a particular format you prefer?

Because we are a digital/online publication, and our readers are typically very busy. We suggest keeping your contribution between 400 and 600 words in a MS Word format using AP style. If there are images embedded in the article, the original images should be attached as separate .jpg or .png files when submitting your content.

Will you edit my contribution?

Yes. In order to produce the best quality content for our readers, SCMFG editors will NOT approve any contribution that does not meet APA writing standards or violates SCMFG internal standards.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit contributions as we see appropriate. This includes titles, graphics, and content. If there are substantial edits or edit suggestions, we may send the submission back to you for review.

If you need some help developing your concept or story idea, we can help! We have dedicated writers who can work with you to optimize your content.

What are SCMFG standards?

  1. Exclusivity
  2. Non-promotional
  3. Well written

What if I want to submit one of my blogs to SCMFG for reprint or I want to add a SCMFG contribution to my own blog?

We support you and your passion for sharing your experiences through writing! However, we cannot accept any contribution that has been published in another venue. Our readers demand exclusivity in SCMFG content.

If you would like to share a contribution on your blog, we strongly request that it be linked back to SCMFG with a statement showing it was printed with us first.

I would like to submit a contribution, but my goal is to promote my service or product. What are my options?

You are more than welcome to submit Advertorial content. Contact us for costs associated with this type of contribution.

Where do I send my contributions or ask questions?

You can mail all submissions or content questions to editor@www.southcarolinamanufacturing.com.